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  1. Are the minimums listed for each item absolute minimums?
    Yes. The personalized minimums are factory required minimums.
  2. Are there standard imprint colors for all items?
    No. Each item is produced by a different factory that may have standard imprint colors that vary. Most factories will offer standard imprint colors like red, blue, white, black, etc.
    1-800-822-1923 to verify imprint color choices.
  3. What is the standard delivery time?
    Personalized orders should allow 3-5 weeks delivery time plus shipping time. Some factories do offer a rush service, but an additional charge would apply for rush service. Call
    1-800-822-1923 for complete details on a specific item.
  4. Are there discounts on larger quantities?
    Large quantity, non-personalized orders should also use the personalized quantity price breaks listed for each item; however, these orders will not incur the personalization set-up charge. For orders greater than the quantities listed, please call
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